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Barcode Reader

Barcode Reader

Fashion and rugged design withstand multiple times 1.5m drop to concrete

Fast scan speed reach 1500times per second

Adjustable scan head can tilt up to 30 degrees to accommodate  different objects

5 scan directional and  20 laser lines

With compact and rugged design can fit in most space-constrained areas

Compatible with Windows, Linux, Android, and OS systems POS

POS Receipt Printer

POS Receipt Printer

Easy to use and install

Usb/Ethernet connections

Reliable and durable

79*60 or 79*80 receipt size

Supports most of the OS win7/8/10/xp



Equipped with a fiscal memory

Has a unique serial number just like the retail ETRs and is uniquely assigned to the business that buys it.

Used in conjunction with the computer system running the accounting software normally used to print documents such as invoices etc of a company

To be valid, each and every financial document must bear the electronic signature at the end

Each and every financial document is kept as electronic copy in computer files, together with its electronic signature as issued by the ESD

Companies no longer need to maintain paper copies of their financial documents as tax authorities Electronic Signature Device can certify beyond doubt the authenticity of the computer file


Wireless Handheld Scanner

Wireless Handheld Scanner

Remote capability

Battery power