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Aclas Etr Machine

Aclas Etr Machine

1-year warranty

K.R.A Approved


Easy to use

Portable for Field Rep

Digital Keypad with Dual Led Display

Free configurations, training, and 24/7/365 customer support

Documentation of the machine with K.R.A

Free delivery



DP-50 is Datecs mobile cash register. It is one of the smallest on the market, yet very powerful.

This ECR has a 2200mAh LiIon battery pack which allows the device to be used for very long time without recharging.

Datecs uses battery cells from Samsung which guaranties long life of the device.

Fiscal Printer

Fiscal Printer

Universal – suitable to be used in all kind of retail/wholesale shops, restaurants, etc.

Fast and noiseless thermal printer

Easy paper loading;


printing speed – 150 mm/s;

Thermal paper size of 80 mm


Mercury 130w

Mercury 130w


  • Suitable for use in all types of businesses/shops.
  • Affordable.
  • Portable.
  • Self-stand cash register ideal for book-keeping.

Nanny Cam Clock

Nanny Cam Clock

Clear video recording

Non-stop recording

Video and audio recording enabled

Remote phone access




Equipped with a fiscal memory

Has a unique serial number just like the retail ETRs and is uniquely assigned to the business that buys it.

Used in conjunction with the computer system running the accounting software normally used to print documents such as invoices etc of a company

To be valid, each and every financial document must bear the electronic signature at the end

Each and every financial document is kept as electronic copy in computer files, together with its electronic signature as issued by the ESD

Companies no longer need to maintain paper copies of their financial documents as tax authorities Electronic Signature Device can certify beyond doubt the authenticity of the computer file